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Membership Registration Steps

  1. Complete the online form and pay your fees.
  2. You will receive a confirmation of payment email. This email contains a link to our SMARTWAIVER.
  3. Complete and submit the SMARTWAIVER.  Click here to learn more about this process
  4. LOGIN and sign up for a trip!

To Become a New Member CLICK HERE

Renewing Members, to read the renewal instructions CLICK HERE


Below you will find information on the way our club operates, our members, cost and of course the benefits of joining BWCC.  We hope you find all your answers here but if you have any other questions join us at a club social or email us at

Membership Details

  • Memberships run from January 01 to December 31 each year.
  • Fees for membership are not prorated for partial year membership.
  • All club socials are open to the public.
  • Guest attendance at various social events are allowed on a limited basis.  See our guest policy in our Member Handbook.

Membership Fees

Regular Membership –  $20/adult

Definition – A Regular Member is ONE ADULT ONLY which may include his/her children under 18 years of age; and “children” who have reached the age of majority who are full-time students under 24, or any age if totally and permanently disabled who are living at home.  If you are family with two adults and children, each adult must have a membership.  The children should be listed under both adults.

Duration & Benefits – The duration is for one calendar year.  A regular member has all club benefits.

Associate Membership – $10/adult

Definition – An Associate Member is a person who is a former club member (who has held a fully paid membership in good standing), and although will no longer be actively paddling with the club for whatever reason, has a desire to maintain connection with the club and its members.

Duration & Benefits: The duration is for one year. They are invited to attend all special social events, included on email notifications and invitations, have access to the member forum and are welcome to serve on club committees related to the history of the club.

Restrictions – An associate member must first be approved by the membership committee, please email us at  Our website only allows for registering as a Regular Member.

Membership Benefits

River Trip Schedule (see Events), including:

  • Day, Evening and Mid-Week trips
  • Multi-Day trips; both car camping and canoe camping
  • Member trips and activities (ie. New Member trip, Kananaskis campout and long weekend trips)
  • Special trips have included Stampede Fireworks down the Elbow River, Canoe Poling and the North Saskatchewan Paddle & Hike.

Social Events (see Events) such as:

  • Adventure Travel Slide Shows
  • Kananaskis Campout and Member BBQ
  • Potluck Events
  • Last Splash Bash Campout
  • Year End Canoe Awards, Potluck and Slideshow Night
  • Annual and Spring General Meetings.
  • All club socials are open to the public.


  • e-News Updates on club activities.
  • Use of our website Forum (for communicating with other members).
  • Access to information on paddling areas in Western Canada, the Canadian North and elsewhere through our library and the diverse experiences of our members.