Board of Directors

We would like to introduce the current Board Members.  Our mandate is to promote and support recreational paddling by providing educational and social opportunities to all members. Our board would like to hear from you. Questions, concerns or comments…you can either email the club directly or get in touch personally with any of our board members.


Timothy Kozlik – President


Timothy is our youngest board member but has been in the club since he was a young teenager!  He’s one of our expert paddlers and loves the big whitewater.

Laura Rider – Vice-President


Paddling came into my life at the age of 14 when I heard from friends at school that there is a canoe club nearby.  Soon after I joined Bow Waters Canoe Club, I participated in the flat water racing team, competing in voyageur, war boat, C-1, C-2, K- 1 to 4.  And the family fun regattas were jousting and gunwale bobbing; these held during the July 1 Forest Lawn community activities.

Accepted as one of the family members in the club, I thrived in this connected setting, growing up while learning how to river paddle, cross country ski, how to build a sauna or an oven in the ground during canoe camping trips plus the opportunities of exploring and caring for our land and water God gave us.

It gives me great joy to see people out of their homes enjoying the outdoors.  My paddling experiences have and still include family outings to group adventures on lakes and rivers.  The joy of moving through the water, observing the habitat, instructing /learning stroke improvement, exploring a river channel or the quietness of a lake adds joy to my heart.  Watch for the white Rocky Mtn Crusier, also known as one of Ted’s boats.

Jeff Boyd – Treasurer


Jeff is a confirmed water rat.  He started paddling kayaks at the University of Calgary in the early 1980s through pool lessons, but life took him in other directions and he did not make it onto the river for many years.  For a couple of decades, Jeff satisfied his water-rat urges with windsurfing, the occasional sea kayaking trip, and boogie-boarding while living on the west coast.  In 2005, Jeff saw a surf ski in a shop in Cocoa Beach, FL, rekindling his interest in kayaks. He took some lessons, revived his roll, and joined BWCC.  He now enjoys paddling whitewater and hits the surf in Oregon and on Vancouver Island whenever he can.  Jeff especially enjoys paddling with his son, Trevor and his wife, Brenda.

Michael Hart – Secretary

Details and Bio to follow

Jim Sangster – Member Representative

Jim enjoys moving through wilderness by his own energy, either in a boat or on skis, bicycle or feet.
Each moment outdoors is an opportunity for wonder and discovery. Sharing with others is an added joy.
My family shares much of this philosophy, each in their own style.
Being on the Bow Waters board gives me a chance to serve while learning about the club and meeting members.

Open – Member Representative

Details and Bio to follow

Don Mitchell- Member Representative

My introduction to Canoeing was in a lake canoe that my father built when I was about 11. My first introduction to river canoeing was about 19 years ago, when the club guided my son’s Cub group in voyager canoes from the club house to Fish Creel Park. The young men who took us down the river were having so much fun, I knew I had to join the club.

Over the years I have gone from being so proud that I had never “swam” (but never pushing my limits), to over 100 swims at Harvie Passage alone. However, my all time favourite trips continue to be “canoe camping”, whether it be the long skinny lake of the Lower Red Deer River, the North Saskatchewan, or the Upper Kootenay. I have also coordinated (and continue to do so) many “Canada Day” weekends on the Milk River, camping at Gold Springs.

I look forward as a Member Rep to the opportunity to help provide new and continuing paddling experiences for both our members and the Calgary community at large. No, I am not the young man in the front of the Canoe!

Nicole Schwengler- Member Representative

I’m a converted kayaker who truly fell in love with the canoe after spending a summer at a children’s camp as a medic. I had so much fun on Sylvan Lake I was hooked and am now trying to create a whole new generation of canoeists.

2020 will be my third year as a member. Aside from canoeing, I enjoy a varied list of hobbies. I am a miniatures painter and tabletop gamer, cook and animal lover. I presently volunteer as a first aider with St John Ambulance and have been doing so since 2013.

Marise-Ann Comeau – Past President


Growing up in a small town in Nova Scotia I’ve always been drawn towards water, whether it be the ocean or lakes.  We joined the club last year after years of living in a landlocked province and it revived my love for being on the water.  I love refining my skills and the rush of getting through a section of river that seemed impossible at one point.  I’m excited to support the club with the upcoming year of events and trips!